One of the dignified professions, General Physicians, witnesses nearly 15000 candidates every year. A profession as a General physician is not an effortless one to pursue, one has to follow a few steps and an education of more than 5 years.

All About Career as a General Physician

Out of the millions of candidates who desire to become doctors every year only 20% of the total candidates fulfill their dreams. The procedure to become a General Physician is very methodical and accurate, one has to spot on the subject combination in class 12th, eligibility criteria to appear for NEET, and also do an internship.

How to Become a General Physician: Subject Combination

If a candidate is appearing for NEET in order to become a general physican then they must check the NEET eligibility criteria, and if they want to appear for NEET-PG, they should look for NEET-PG Eligibility criteria.

Role of a General Physician

General physicians are consultants who take care of patients. General physicians only see patients who are referred to them by other doctors.

Global Approach

Whether the referral identified one health problem or many health problems, it should always be noted that a general physician's assessment is always comprehensive. This kind of global approach enables problems to be detected which might otherwise be missed.

Complex Care

General physicians are specially trained to take care of patients with complex illnesses, in which the diagnosis may be difficult. The broad training of general physicians provides them expertise in diagnosis and treatment of problems affecting different organ systems in a patient. They are also trained to deal with the social and psychological impact of disease on patients.

Steps to Follow to Become a General Physician

There are some significant steps that can be followed to know how to become General Physician after 12th, the steps that can be followed are given below:

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