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Varicocele is commonly understood as dilated veins of scrotum. This is most common known cause of infertility in males. Varicocele is responsible for 35% to 75% cases of infertility in males. These dilated veins in scrotum leads to increase in testicular temperature which in turn leads to decrease in sperm production, motility and function. Varicocele is also responsible for increase in DNA fragmentation index (DFI). Even slight increase in testicular temperature can cause significant decrease in sperm count.

Congenital bilateral absence of the vas deferens (CBAVD) This is a condition in which both vas deferens ( duct carrying sperms from testis to ejaculatory duct ) are absent. This is because of genetic cause. There are several genes which can affect the development of this duct. In this condition sperm production is normal but transport is obstructed causing azoospermia.

Microscopic Varicocele Ligation

Microscopic correction of varicocele is the standard procedure with higher success rates than any other method. This procedure is done with very high magnification under microscope. Higher magnification helps to reduce the chance of recurrence and injury to testicular artery. Higher magnification also prevents hydrocele after surgery. Improvement in sperm count as well as pregnancy rate is higher in microscopic technique. Patient can be discharged on the same day and after one day rest

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