Laser-assisted hatching

Embryo hatching improves the chances of implantation of embryos in the uterus. Assisted Hatching is done while the embryos are in the laboratory. Before being implanted back to the uterus, a small hole is made in the external layer of the embryo, using specialized laser equipment.

How Does Laser Assisted Hatching At Delhi-IVF Work?

IVF Laser Assisted Hatching is normally being performed using a micro needle or laser to cause the disruption of outer shell (zona pellucida) of the embryo.

At Jiapur IVF & Fertility Research Centre, we utilize the most recent laser to give our patients the quickest, most secure and most uniform method for Assisted Hatching available, known as LAH.

During the process of this treatment, the external shell of the embryo is broken by discharging a couple of laser bursts. The laser is kept at a distance and in such manner that it does not hurt the embryo inside the membrane. This procedure greatly enhances the chances of the embryo to grow come out of the shell, implant, and result in a pregnancy

Is IVF Laser Assisted Hatching Treatment for You?

Laser treatment is recommended for the following:

Laser treatment is recommended for the following:

Status of her hormones– Women with the increased level of FSH (follicular stimulating hormone).

Quality of the embryo– women with poor quality of embryo is recommended to undergo this treatment. Poor quality of embryo is one of the major reasons of infertility.

IVF cycles– women who has undergone 2 or more IVF cycles without success (Repeated implantation failure) Frozen embryos– women who use frozen embryos, due to which zona pellucida is affected.

Benefits Of IVF Laser Assisted Hatching Treatment

  1. It is, easy and fast process as compared to other methods.
  2. It is very accurate and the results are more reliable.
  3. Because of Laser Assisted Hatching, the increase rate in pregnancy is seen from 55% to almost 65%. Which make it a success.
  4. Every treatment takes time but this treatment takes time less than any other treatments.
  5. Manual part in this treatment is very less and everything is automatically done.
  6. Improves the quality and chances of getting pregnant through IVF processes.ś
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